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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for

Friday, October 27, 2023

3:00 – 7:00.

Teachers will send home invites for parents to select a conference time.

Productive Questions Parents Should Ask

1. What do you see as an area of strength for my child?

Sometimes parents find this answer surprising as kids can show different abilities in the classroom than at home.

2. If you could pick one area to focus on improving for my child, what would it be?

Focusing on one area at a time for improvement helps define the priorities within the classroom. It also gives something concrete to work on at home.
It’s a good idea to revisit this question with the teacher throughout the year. Sending an email or Class Dojo is a great way to check in regarding progress as well as give the teacher the opportunity to shift the focus to something new as your child improves.

3. How does my child contribute to the class atmosphere?

Different personalities shine in different ways independently. This will give you an idea of how much your child may contribute to class discussions.  Asking this question gives insight on how your child’s character comes through in an academic environment. This is especially useful to understand as kids approach middle school, where issues like popularity can impact their learning experience.

4. What kind of personality does my child work well with?

This can be a good barometer of how a child is doing socially.  Understanding who your child is able to work well with at school will help everyone create a more successful learning environment.

5. Can you give me more information about how my child is doing in reading and writing?

  • Is he/she learning to decode (sound out words)?
  • Does my child understand what he/she reads?
  • Is his/her reading fluent (does it flow well)?
  • Are there any skills he/she seems to be struggling with?
  • Does my child seem to enjoy reading and writing?

6.  What activities can I do with my child at home to help them with math?

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