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Brighton’s School Culture

Culture is Connections.

A culture will be strong or weak depending on the interactions between the people in the organization.  In a strong culture, there are many, overlapping, and cohesive interactions.  We believe that for Brighton to have a strong culture than our beliefs, values, and actions will spread the farthest and be tightly reinforced when everyone is communicating with everyone else.

Brighton’s School Culture is Centered on the following four Beliefs and Behaviors

  1. Fundamental belief –
    • All students have the potential to succeed
    • The best part of our school is our students and teachers
  2. Shared values –
    • High Expectations
    • Respect and Professionalism
    • Constant Learning is valued
    • Perseverance
    • Collaboration
  3. Norms
    • We should talk often and early
    • We all should be present and engaged daily
  4. Patterns and behaviors
    • There are regularly-scheduled parent engagement nights
    • There is active participation and collaboration