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College Enrollment Program

Concurrent Enrollment


  • Students must have a 3.2 GPA to be eligible for Concurrent Enrollment 
  • Students must have demonstrated a college work ethic by completing assignments and having a good attendance and discipline record.


  • Make an appointment with administration to discuss eligibility  
  • Complete your Maricopa Community College Application to generate a student ID number and an MEID(username) 
  • Provide a color copy of a valid picture ID for verification to Maricopa Community Colleges  
  • Fill out the Maricopa Community College Special Admissions form  Submit a high school transcript  
  • Go to a Maricopa Community College testing center to take the ACCUplacer test
    • Students must test into, at least, English 101 and Intermediate College Algebra to begin classes
  • Complete the Financial Responsibility/ Consent Form*

Possible Concurrent Courses:

  • MAT 122 Intermediate Algebra
  • MAT 151 College Algebra/ Functions
  • Mat 187 Precalculus
  • ENG 101 First-Year Pt 1 Composition
  • ENG 102 First-Year PT 2 Composition
  • SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I
  • SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II
  • HIS 101 History of Western Civilization Middle Ages to 1789
  • HIS 102 History of Western Civilization 1789 to Present