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Full Day Kindergarten

  • The cut off for enrollment in Kindergarten is September 30th. Students must have turned 5 prior to September 30th and pass testing to determine the child’s readiness for Kindergarten.  Read More

After School Program (21st CCLC)

The 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant is a federally-funded program that supports After School Community Learning Centers that operate primarily on school campuses statewide. Services include academic intervention and enrichment activities along with a broad array of youth development opportunities. The After School and Summer Classes complement the student’s regular school day program. The 21st Century Community Learning Center programs mainly serve students who attend high poverty and low performing schools and their families. After School programs help students meet the core standards in academic subjects such as language arts and math. In addition, other educational services are offered to family members of students participating in the program in order to further engage parents in their students learning and achievement goals.


To assist 21st Century Community Learning Centers in building and sustaining comprehensive out of school time programs that provide high-quality academic enrichment opportunities for all children, and that meaningfully engage adult family members in helping their children succeed academically.


Brighton Charter School implements the Spalding Writing Road to Reading, a comprehensive total language arts program.

In The Writing Road to Reading, all elements of the language are integrated with spelling, writing, and reading lessons.

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Systemic Phonics
  • High-Frequency Vocabulary
  • Word Meanings and Usages
  • Word Parts
  • Grammar
  • Composition
  • Literary Appreciation
  • Text Structure
  • Fluency
  • Listening
  • Reading Comprehension

Title 1

Brighton Charter School is a Title 1 school. The Title 1 programs provide academic and enrichment opportunities to students. Another important aspect is the inclusion of parents in family engagement activities with the goal of improving the academic achievement of students.

What is Title 1?

School Integrated Action Plan

The following link contains Cholla Academy’s progress towards improvement plans and updates on progress for the 2018-2019 School Integrated Action Plan:

18-19 School Integrated Action Plan