8632 W Northern Avenue

Glendale, AZ 85305





Grades Served

K-12th Grade

Office Hours

Monday Through Friday 7:30-3:30 PM

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School Hours

Monday through Friday 8:00-3:00 PM

Public Notice

In accordance with A.R.S. §15-903(E), as amended by Laws 2018, Ch. 285, §10, below are average teacher salaries for Brighton School.

  • Average salary of all teachers employed in budget year 2019 = $38,085
  • Average salary of all teachers in budget year 2018 = $34,195
  • Increase in average teacher salary from the prior year 2018 = $3,890
  • Percentage increase = 11%

Board Meeting Notices

Public meetings of the Governing Board of Cholla Academy (Westland School/Brighton School) are held in the office at 8632 W Northern Ave., Glendale, AZ 85305 on the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm.

Agendas are available by contacting the office and asking for Kathy Couch or Pat Keech.