South Bus Route-Brighton School

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­6:40AM N. 75th Ave/ Camelback   3:15pm
6:43AM N 67th Ave/Camelback (Ranch Market) 3:18pm
6:47AM N 55th Ave/Camelback (City bus stop) 3:23pm
6:55AM N 59th Ave/ W McDowell (Walgreens) 3:31pm
7:05AM 89th Ave/Thomas (CVS)   3:36pm
7:10AM   89th Lane/ Avalon Dr. 3:41pm
PM STOP ONLY:   N 107TH Ave/ Thomas 3:50pm
7:16AM 99TH Ave/Indian School (7-11 Gas Station) 4:00pm
7:23AM 5150 N. 99TH AVE (Villas @ Camelback Crossing) 4:05pm
7:32AM 93rd Ave/ W. Coyote Blvd. (Pillars at Westgate) 4:15pm
7:40AM Brighton School    

North Bus Route-Brighton School

Pick Up Time   Cross Steets Location Drop Off
6:20am 111th Ave & Alabama Hudson Auction Plaza 3:08pm
6:28am 103rd Ave & Northern Sun Garden Park 3:15pm
6:37am 87th Ave & Peoria St. Charles Catholic Church Parking Lot 3:24pm
6:45am 67th Ave & Butler Crystal Springs Apt 3:31pm Pick up on 67th by the apartment sign
6:48am 61st Ave & Alice Ave. Stop sign before 61st Ave 3:34pm
6:49am Laurie Ln & 59th Ave Laurie Lane Apartments W of 59th on left hand side @ gate 3:35pm
6:50am 59th Ave & Royal Palm Royal Palm Apartments on 59th Ave just past sign 3:36pm  
6:58am 47th Ave & Belmont NW corner 3:44pm
7:07am 59th Ave & Montebello Ranchwood Apartments 3:53pm Pick up on 59th Ave @ Apt sign
7:07am 61st Ave & Montebello NE corner at end of wall 3:53pm
7:09am 61st Ave & Marlette NE corner 3:55pm
7:13am 63rd Ave & Rose Ln SW Corner 3:59pm
7:15am 67th Ave & Bethany Home Bethany Apartments pick up @ Apt sign 4:01 Bethany Apartments
7:18am 75th Ave & Bethany Home CVS Parking Lot 4:04pm
7:20am 73rd Ave & Ocotillo Rd SE Corner 4:07pm
7:22am 71st Ave & S. of Glendale Desert Eagle main entrance on 71st 4:09pm Desert Eagle Apt
7:25am Glendale Ave East of 75th Ave At O’Riley/ Walmart Plaza Entrance on Glendale Ave 4:12pm at O’Riley’s
7:29am 83rd Ave & Glendale Subway- Pick up on W. side of Subway Building 4:16pm Subway
7:33am 8632 W. Northern Av Brighton School  

*Please arrive 5-10 Minutes prior to bus pick up

*Due to construction these bus stops will be arriving 10-20 minutes late. During these times please have students at the time given of pick up to make up for the traffic difference. Bus will be passing by the stops and will arrive. Thank you for your patience and your cooperation. We will update when construction is over.*